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Castles in Belgium

Hi everyone,
almost a month in Belgium already. The last couple of weeks I have seen some nice spots around Belgium including
Gent with the Gravensteen.


Also been to see 3 nice castles near Brussels with nice gardens and green grass which we dont have in Australia!

The bed is quite small cause people were smaller and slept sitting up cause they thought they would swallow their tong and die in there sleep if they lied down
This picture was not really allowed but we took it before they said no cameras.

We also had a nice surprise cause I won two tickets to see Bon Jovi in Brussels right near the stage!!!
We are going two weeks to Ireland in july, cant wait for that, will rent a car and drive all around the island, staying in hostels.

And then a tiger from Antwerp zoo, the closest thing to Richmond over here!

Will put on more pictures in the near future!

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A new beginning...

Hi everyone,
hope all is well back down under! Glad I arrived safely in Belgium after a long long flight.
Some things have taken a bit of time to get used to but i should be alright now
because I know to drive the other side now! Food is pretty good especially the belgian fries, chocolate and 'smoutenbollen' which is something like warm round donuts.
Missing AFL but I can hear it on the radio so thats second best for now. I can still watch F1 and play cricket here.
I will update pictures and texts/stories regularly as I move around and see new places and things to share with you all.
Bye for now

Driving at the left side of the car but the right side of the road in Holland!
The main square of Antwerp
Cathedral of Antwerp 16th century
The King's palace in Brussels
Little boy 'Manneke pis' who pisses water
Seals in Texel, island North of Holland

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